Shaver Roofing Services

Roof Repair

  • Roof Repairs are generally completed as “service calls” and are charged at a rate of $75.00 per man hour plus materials used.
  • We do charge for travel as sometimes it is required to purchase special materials to make specific repairs and it is not practical to have all materials on our truck.
  • Proposals are offered for large repairs or preventative maintenance items if approval cannot be made while crews are on site.
  • We also provide photographs of all work (before and after).

Don’t let you roof end up looking like this because you didn’t call a professional.

Roof Installations

Your roof is a huge investment and the only asset that actually protects your other assets.How well your investment will preform depends on the quality of the installation along with the quality of the materials. Make sure you choose the right material for the right situation. There are many different types of materials since there are many different conditions that require special consideration.

We specialize in Single-Ply Applications and are certified Carlisle and Firestone Applicators.

When considering a new roof installation it is also the time to think about added insulation, new sheet metal trim and any skylight or mechanical equipment up-fit that may be needed.

We will gladly provide a roof assessment to help you determine if and when you may need a new roof.



Roof Drainage

If your roof is not leaking but it looks like this then consider yourself lucky, for the time being. Standing water is a time bomb. However, you do have options.

Shaver Roofing can install additional roof drains or add tapered insulation to slope most roof areas.

Roof drains can usually be added for less than $1,500.00 and tapered insulation can easily be added during a re-roof for large areas and is fairly inexpensive for smaller areas.

Remember what goes up must come down and water on your roof is up.

You can choose whether it comes down through a drain or downspout.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal is critical for any professionally installed roof. Sheet metal not only provides weather protection, it is usually the only part of the roof system that is visible from the ground.

We have a full sheet metal fabrication shop and can provide;

  • Parapet Wall coping Cap
  • Gutters and Downspout
  • Chimney Caps Custom Soffit Panels
  • Custom Roof Panels
  • Virtually any Architectural Sheet Metal Details

All Sheet Metal is commercial quality fabricated from;

  • 16 or 20 oz. Copper
  • All gauges of Galvanized, Galvalume and Aluminum
  • Many Kynar 500 Finishes Available

Free Estimates!

Shaver Roofing Services, LLC prides itself in the services we provide and we work hard to meet the budget needs when possible. Contact us today to set up your appointment.